Monday, April 25, 2011

{Letter} from Jin-Sook & Um-Ma

I'm pretty sure your day wasn't nearly as good as mine... why, you ask? Because I got another letter from Korea!

Dear my sister, Hyo-Eun,

I am your 3rd sister. Our mother meant to write you back sooner, but since she is working all the times with many other things to attend to, she was not able to find time to do so. So I am writing on behalf of her. As I told you before, since we were little, mom has always worked so much to support the family. Currently she still sell vegetables at a public market place. She leaves home at dawn, and does not return home until very late at night. She kept the family together, raising us by working so hard. I have nothing but respect for her.

The following message is from our mother:

“Dear my daughter, Hyo-Eun, for whom I am simply grateful!

I anticipate and await for your letter these days. I am sure you do too. I meant to write you sooner, but things happen in each day do not allow me to find enough time to sit down to write a letter.

I hope that you are all in good health. How are you parents?

I am always so thankful to your adoptive parents who have raised you.

I am very happy to hear that you may visit Korea in September. I am also very appreciative of your consideration for the birthfamily.

I heard the news from Ms. Esther Kim of Holt Korea. Ideally it would be so wonderful to be able to meet all of your family just like you would like to everyone here..”

Well, this was what mother wanted me to pass along. J

Mom is very concerned that if you come alone, since we are not going to be able to be with you (time-wise), there will be more time for you to be left alone. As explained earlier, mom works everyday with no vacation. She only takes Sundays off. Including myself, since we are all working, we would not be able to spend time with you as much as our hearts desire.

It would be much better, if possible, for you to come with your husband and daughter so that you would not be too lonesome.

And we are too a bit worried about language barrier.

Oh dear.. it seems that our anticipated and joyful reunion has its own obstacles.

But please let us not worry yet. We still have so much time until then to plan one thing at a time!

My dear sister, Hyo-Eun, as I work with kindergarten kids, I see you, my baby sister, in them as a little kid playing, with no cultural boundary.

All I want to do when I finally get to see you in person is to give you a big hug…

Your 3rd unni (older sister), Jin-Sook

New photos too!

Isn't my Um-Ma pretty?!

Is it September yet? Seriously... this birth family of mine just keeps getting better and better! Isn't my sister sweet? And isn't my mom just adorable? I admired her so much before, but her hard-work and concern for me just makes her even more amazing! How can I love them so much already? I know I have voiced my fare share of concern for the language barrier, but I have so much peace after receiving the last two letter that everything has fallen into place thus far... that I will trust in God and have faith that it will all work out.

I can't wait to join my own family and parents with these beautiful people!


  1. I am so happy and excited for you. Both of your families sound amazing!


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