Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{Waiting Wednesday}

Waiting Wednesday
A child is waiting... maybe yours.

Age 8

Bradley is a ball of energy and he always has a smile on his face. He enjoys playing Wii video games and board games. Others report, "Bradley is a very involved child who has the charisma to be a great person in life!"


Age 3

"Leah is an engaging girl who wants to play and be showered with attention. She is very busy, likes to help and play outside. One of Leah’s favorite activities is to sweep. She also loves being outside and playing at the park. She likes to build things with blocks or some small moveable ottomans she has at her home. Until recently, Leah’s favorite toys were Pooh, but she has recently made a new favorite out of Spot the dog. She has a favorite Pooh movie and enjoys books. Leah loves music and can use music to soothe. She loves bananas."


Ages 11 & 9

"Joshua and Matthew are terrific boys with some nice strengths. These brothers have strong bonds with one another and want the opportunity to grow up together. Joshua is polite and well-mannered and enjoys being helpful. His high energy can easily be channeled into sports of all kinds. He especially likes playing soccer. He also likes to collect things, such as marbles, and play video games. Creating art and drawing not only bring him enjoyment but are also therapeutic tools that help him to process his thoughts and feelings. Matthew is a very active, affectionate boy. Sports and other high octane pastimes, such as dancing, are also great ways to channel and focus his energy. Matthew loves to be busy so just about anything that engages his interest will help keep him happy."


Age 4

"Tristen is a very inquisitive and social little boy. He is quite active, has a great sense of humor and is very fun to be around. He loves school, has a large vocabulary for is age, knows all of his colors and counts extremely well. Tristen likes to swim, ride his bike, and watch movies especially Scooby-Doo and Madagascar."


Ages 10 & 6

"Elena and Roberto ‘Beto’ are wonderful siblings who have a strong bond and hope to be adopted together. Both children love to be cuddled, hugged and are very affectionate. They enjoy being outdoors and are very active. They enjoy biking, swimming, and taking care and maintaining their foster family’s horses, goats, and chickens."


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