Thursday, February 3, 2011

AKAP Event

Korean BBQ
Best time ever!

At about 5pm on Monday night... Londyn and I were hanging out in our PJ's and I decided I should probably whip up something for dinner. And then it hit me. I was supposed to be in Portland (45 minutes away, not including traffic) at 5:30pm for an AKAP (Also Known As - Portland) event! I then proceeded to run around frantically... putting makeup on, doing Londyn's hair and getting both of us dressed... all at the same time! Somehow, I got out the door within 15 minutes and followed my GPS system... rolling into the parking lot by 6pm.

I had never been to an AKAP event before but was excited to get to know other KADS (Korean Adoptees) for the first time. I have heard from several case workers and friends that getting involved with the community of KADS is not only therapeutic but super fun! Seriously, that was an understatement. This event was the first time I have ever been surrounded by other Asians and truly felt like I belonged. I felt like I didn't have to explain my upbringing or life because they all just knew. It wasn't my being adopted that made me unique, it was ME. I didn't have to feel alone in not knowing everything about Korean BBQ and what I was eating or how to properly eat it... because many others were just as unfamiliar. Don't get me wrong, I have had and love Korean BBQ but this was a much more authentic setting than I have experienced before.

I also learned about some of the other local organizations for Adult Adoptees that I plan to check out and participate in more events. I really feel like this new chapter of embracing my birth culture and the adoption community is what I am supposed to be doing with my life. After this event, I am even more inspired than before to do more and share more about adoption!

My cute friend Courtney and I, who I have been chatting with via Facebook/E-mail for the past few months. We finally got to meet in person!

Here is Londyn with her new friend Emma. Emma is also half-Korean and absolutely adored Londie Lou.


  1. How fun to see a picture of you and Courtney together!

  2. It was so fun to finally meet Courtney! She is such a doll :) I'm lucky to have met her!

  3. What fun pictures of Londyn and Emma! It was so great to meet you, Kacie, and I'm glad you made it to the dinner (we were late, too!).

  4. That's awesome for you. I'm glad to see that you've found some kindred spirits.


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