Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Korea Night

This last Friday, my husband and I were able to attend Korea Night at Portland State University. Korea Night has become an annual event that is put on by the Korean Student Association at PSU. It was only $5 per person and included a bibimbap dinner and full program of entertainment.

The food was delish and the event was more than entertaining!
It was really interesting to watch the traditional songs and dances be performed. My favorite performances were the Korean drumming and K-POP dances.

Prior to the event, I thought that being in a ballroom full of hundreds of Korean and other Asian people, I would feel like for once, I completely fit in with the crowd. Oddly enough, I felt totally out of sorts. Although I did look like most everyone in the room, I most definitely didn't feel connected... more like I was on the outside, looking in.

It is most confusing to me that I feel different in a room full of Korean people and the exact same way when I am in a room full of Caucasian people.

It was a strange feeling and a glimpse at the feelings and experiences that will take place while visiting Korea later this year.

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