Friday, April 1, 2011

{Adoptees Connect}

A few weeks ago, my fabulous in-laws were in town and we went out to eat at place called the Aloha Grill. When we first walked into the restaurant, my eyes went straight to the only other family in the place. They had two adorable children, a little girl (C) and boy (J) that were adopted from Korea through Holt! After inviting myself to sit down at their table for a few minutes, we instantly connected on adoption. Come to find out, their little girl is exactly a month older than my daughter Londyn AND her Korean name is the same as mine! We exchanged e-mail addresses and decided to get together for a play date in the very near future!

Yesterday we went over to their home and talked lots about Holt and their families' visits to Korea. Robin made bulgogi, japchae and steamed rice for lunch! It was delish!

I absolutely adore C & J. They just melt my heart and make me want to adopt even more than I did before meeting them. Adoptee to adoptees, I instantly connected with them and love them like they are my own niece and nephew!

I am amazed at the fact that ever since I began my search, so many opportunities and connections with others in the adoption community have fallen right in my lap. I am blessed to have met this family and look forward to making many more memories with them in the future.

C & J
(aren't they just the cutest?!)

C, Londyn & J

C & Londyn
(intently watching Curious George)

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