Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Waiting Wednesday} International

Age 3

Jacob was born 6/17/2007. He is described as being clever, active, and talkative. He has a ready smile and gets along well with others. He loves sports, has a good appetite. Jacob had retinoblasoma in his left eye. His eye was removed and he was given a prostetic. He is an otherwise healthy child who is developmentally on track.


Age 3
Unknown Location

This little girl is a real charmer. While she is waiting for the right family to adopt her, she lives in a baby home where she is much loved and well cared for. She is receiving ongoing stimulation to help her reach her developmental goals. She has been responding well to this environment and has made real strides in her development, though she is still behind in most areas. This baby loves to have attention and she is imitating the words and actions of her caregivers. She understands more of what is said to her than she can express herself. Right now she had about a ten-word vocabulary that she uses to make her needs and desires known. She loves to play with toys and though her focus is not long, she seems to enjoy toys that make noise and light up as well as ?drawing? with crayons. There were many medical questions about this little one when she was younger, but as she grows and develops she seems to be making steady progress.


Age 11 months
South Korea

These adorable set of twins, boy and girl, born premature at 35 weeks and 6 days. They were both hospitalized following their birth and cared for by their birth mother prior to coming into care when they were discharged from the hospital. The female twin weighed 5.43 lbs at birth and was hospitalized until 4/9/10. She was treated for jaundice, transient tachypnea of newborn, neonatal polycythmia and perinatal distress while she was hospitalized. She was found to have a bilaterial germinal matrix hemorrhage and periventricular leukomalacia. Follow up tests have shown improvement. She has also been diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality. Her September well baby check assessed her to be at a 6 month developmental level and weighed 17.6 lbs. She is able to roll over, crawl and sit. She grasps objects and transfers them between her hands, says single syllables and responds to her name.
The twin boy remained in the hospital until 5/18/10. He was treated for birth asyphxia, jaundice, epilepsy and cholestasis. He was also found to have a patent foramen ovale (PFO) of his heart that has not required any treatment as of yet. He was found to have an intraventricular germinal matrix hemorrhage and was placed on medication for seizures. A neurological report from August 2010 reports that he has severe hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. In September 2010 his seizure medication was discontinued after an extended period of no seizure like activity. He had a feeding tube which was removed in August, and reportedly has some problems feeding from a bottle. He is described as spastic and receives physical therapy for his muscle tone and also possible torticollis. He has also been diagnosed with crossed eyes and sunset eyeball movement. His September well baby check assessed him to be at a 3 month developmental level and to weigh 11 lbs. He is able to lift his head, bear moderate weight on his legs, regards his hands, sucks his hands, smiles and coos. He does have head lag when pulled to a sitting position and reaches out for objects.

These special babies are in need of a family who are open to some unknowns, are comfortable with their medical needs and who are able to provide them with any ongoing medical care and therapies that they will need.


For more information on these Waiting Children, click on the names/ID's above!

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