Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Waiting Wednesday

age 6

“This is a very sweet boy, who has come a long way.” ~Caseworker

A child that everyone really likes, DeaQuan loves school buses and is an avid collector who is constantly adding to his school bus collection. He also loves music and to dance and sing. Despite the odds against him, he has an ongoing zest for life, is warm and affectionate towards others and loves to give hugs goodbye. He needs a family who will provide him with patience, consistency and trust while challenging DeaQuan to continue to learn to do things for himself and accept him for exactly who he is.

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  1. Kacie, thanks so much for sharing your life with us. What a journey you are on. I read all this and cried right through it too a its such a wonderful experience for you. You are so fortunate to have the parents you have and now to have the fullness of knowledge about your birth family. What a lucky girl London is to have such a universal family and have cousins around the world!


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