Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Waiting Wednesday

I am inspired by Holt's Weekly Waiting Child on the Holt Blog and will be sharing in their efforts and that of many others to feature children that are waiting to be adopted by a loving family! This new Seoul Searching Mama segment will be featured as Waiting Wednesday. Each Wednesday I will introduce a new child that might just be the answer to your prayers! The children that will be spotlighted will be waiting locally, nationally, internationally and in foster care as well. There are beautiful and deserving kids in all parts of the world and I hope to share the endless possibilities that adoption has to offer.

Let's begin!

Age 5

“When this child smiles with all of his dimples it’s a showstopper!” ~Caseworker

Happy, busy and affectionate start to paint a picture of Jeremiah. This cute, quirky little guy has his own unique, assertive way of approaching life. Jeremiah enjoys digging in the garden, riding his bike and swimming. As active as his action figures, he keeps caregivers on their toes! Sensory experiences such as textured toys and interactive books are soothing for Jeremiah who faces numerous developmental delays. He needs a structured, understanding family with an endless and creative supply of patience!

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  1. What a great weekly post. I have heard that it's really hard for younger kids to be placed and I hope that someone snatches this one up!

  2. Thanks Christin! I so appreciate you reading SSM! Feel free to share with your friends and family!


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