Thursday, November 18, 2010

Local Toy Store Supports Adoption

Mudpuddles is a fabulous toy and book store located in the heart of Sherwood, Oregon. I take my 16 month old daughter there at least once a week because it is one of her most favorite places to play! Mudpuddles has most all of their toys out for children to play and explore, while parents get to browse and shop! They also have a wonderful variety of books for sale for all ages!

On many visits to Mudpuddles I have admired their collection of reading material about adoption. They have many beautiful story books about adoption for children and even books on adoption for adults. I contacted the manager of Mudpuddles about a week ago to see if they would be willing to set up a special display of adoption reads to share National Adoption Month with their customers. I received a very kind and willing reply from Ryan, that they would get right on it!
Aren't they awesome?!

Here is a follow up e-mail I received today:
Hi, Kacie,

So although we're a bit late on it (we had a lot to get ready for Neighborhood Toy Store Day last weekend), we've now put up a sign and display highlighting National Adoption Awareness Month at MudPuddles.

We've put our selection of adoption books on display, though it turns out we're out of Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born. Plenty of other good options, fortunately.

Thanks for pointing us to your Seoul Searching Mama blog. I especially enjoyed your post about positive adoption language; I also get frustrated with terms like "real parents" (meaning biological parents). I'm not an adoptee, but it seems so obvious that adoption is beautiful and not a rejection or a negative experience or "real" and "fake" parents.

Thank you for letting us know about National Adoption Awareness Month. We love helping spread love.


After receiving this, I quickly hopped in the car to make a visit to Mudpuddles! Here is their wonderful display!

Thank you Mudpuddles!!!


  1. Thank you, Kacie, for highlighting National Adoption Awareness Month for us! We're honored to take part.

    We're also honored that you and your daughter love our little store :-D

    MudPuddles Toys & Books

  2. Good for you, Kacie, for speaking up. I'm so happy about this. I'll have to take my boys in there to see the display. Thank you Muddpuddles!

  3. so cool (: hooray for mudpuddles and for your proactive-ness!

  4. Ryan: Thank you so much for all you have done for SSM!

    Michelle: Please do go to Mudpuddles and check out their fun adoption reads! Don't forget to go on their website and use our 20% off coupon code!

    Nicole: You should definitely hit up the Mudpuddles coupon code for some fun toys for Anna! They have everything!


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