Sunday, November 28, 2010


G.O.A.L (Global Overseas Adoption Link) is an organization that helps unite Korean adoptees in the U.S. and European countries with their birth families, while also offering many resources for Korean adoptees in their birth country.

G.O.A.L is one of many independent groups that conducts Korean birth family searches and registered in their database of adoptees about a month ago.

With the help of the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, G.O.A.L publishes an annual directory of Korean adoptees that are searching for their birth families. Their Birth Family Search Directory features adoptees born from 1950 to 1989. Each profile includes a pre-adoption photo, a current photo, Korean name and gender, birth date, adoption agency and information about relinquishment.

This directory is going to be sent to district offices, police stations and other government/public agencies in Korea.

I submitted my information to be included in this directory. Who know's... maybe my birth parents will be in one of the very venues this directory will be placed. It's worth a shot!

Pictured below are several of the past directories that were issued.

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